Explainer Videos

Now you can have a professional video promotion included in your web site at a fraction of the cost of most video productions. These jam-packed marketing messages are all the rage these days...now you can actually afford one.

Explainer Videos

We create highly effective marketing videos that communicate complex product information in under two minutes. These videos are sometimes called explainer videos. They work very well on web site home pages, on landing pages for ad campaigns, and for trade show displays.

Effective and Proven Marketing Concepts, Disguised as Entertainment

Explainers have proven to drive up visitor retention and conversions by 25% to 70% on web sites that use them. This case study showed a 100% increase in conversion with video.

Why do explainers work so well? Because explainers tap into the way our brains work better than marketing copy. People find it easier to click on the play button than to read your web page's copy if they know it's going to be short, and concise.

Our Special Sauce

Custom explainer videos take up to two months to create and typically cost $15,000 to $25,000, which is way out of reach for the typical e-commerce or B2B business. By taking a 'Henry Ford' approach, Vigneo creates explainers in under two weeks (including two client approvals!) and for a fraction of the cost of custom animated explainer videos.

Call us at 800.704.4160 (Toll Free US) or 717.747.1996 (International), or submit a Sales Inquiry, to speak with a expert about getting an Explainer Video on your site.

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