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We've got a lot to say about our shopping cart software and The Blog is the place we say it. Articles here are designed to help our clients with their adventure in ecommerce.

About The Blog

The purpose of this blog is to help users understand ecommerce and our software. Articles are published to this blog by Kryptronic staff and users. If you have an idea for a blog article, or an article already written, please contact Jeff Klinedinst ( with your ideas.

Blog #2: A Little Advice

Article published by Jeff Klinedinst.

In this installment, Jeff gives a little advice for those new to ecommerce and shopping cart software. He lists all the major points to consider when evaluating software for your online store.

Blog #1: The Fog Lifts

Article published by Jeff Klinedinst.

In this installment, Jeff discusses the importance of PRS. PRS is an acronym which stands for Product, Relationship and Support. PRS is what separates Kryptronic from the competition.

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Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit: Official Statement

04/18/2014 05:39:44 AM: The purpose of this message is to provide an official statement regarding the Heartbleed exploit and...


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ClickCartPro and EuropaCart are compatible with over 30 different payment processors, 4 different realtime shipping rate providers, exports data to 3 accounting programs, can store data in 3 different relational databases and installs on virtually any webserver in under 10 minutes.

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"For the record the software install was the easiest, smoothest, slickest install I have ever seen. Seriously. Nicely done. Now, if I can only figure how you did half of those tricks..."

-Joshua LeBeau, Retrofit Baby

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