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Third Party Support

ClickCartPro and EuropaCart boast a large number of integrations with third party services. The software features integrations with realtime shipping and tracking services, accounting software packages and online processing gateways.

Realtime Shipping Carriers

Realtime Shipping Services

ClickCartPro and EuropaCart support full integrations for the following realtime shipping services. These integrations offer full realtime rates calculations as well as an integrated package tracking system.

  • UPS OnLine® Tools (tracking available)
  • FedEx Web Services (tracking available)
  • USPS WebTools (tracking available)
  • Intershipper
  • Royal Mail
  • Parcelforce

Accounting Software Packages

Accounting Software Packages

ClickCartPro and EuropaCart are capable of batch exporting order and customer data to the following accounting software pacakges.

  • QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Peachtree Accounting Software
  • Sage Accounting Software
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